Study Skills Program

study skillsThe Study Skills Program provides support to students who may need to further develop their study skills.

Candidates for the Study Skills Program are:

  • Students who need coaching on organization and time-management
  • Students who feel overwhelmed by the volume of homework assigned at MacDuffie
  • Students who need help learning to prepare for tests
  • Students who have difficulty starting and completing long-term assignments
  • Students struggling with note-taking or keeping organized notebooks

Students may be referred to this program by a concerned teacher or academic adviser. Instruction is typically provided within small group settings, but may also be administered in a one-on-one setting. Sessions are scheduled during free blocks. While students typically attend two Study Skills sessions per week, frequency and number of sessions are determined by the needs of the student. Sessions can be initiated at any time during the school year. The Study Skills Program is offered at no additional cost.