Departments + Curriculum

MacDuffie’s curriculum spans seven academic departments: Arts, English, Physical and Health Education, History, Mathematics, Science, and World Languages. An ELL program is available to assist non-native speakers with English proficiency.

In order to receive a MacDuffie diploma, students must accumulate the following fifteen (15) core credits while enrolled in the Upper School:

• English 4 credits (excluding electives)
• Mathematics 3 credits (Algebra 1 or higher)
• World Language 2 credits (taken in the same language for consecutive years)
• Science 2 credits (two lab sciences)
• History 2 credits (excluding electives; including U.S. History)
• Art 2 credits (either visual or performing arts)

We encourage students to go beyond the minimum requirements for graduation – indeed, nearly all students do. Such explorations help our students expand the skills they need to analyze problems logically and creatively, to develop appropriate problem-solving strategies, and to apply those strategies confidently and effectively—whether in academics, the arts, or athletics. The School’s integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students comprehend the broad connections among subjects, at the same time they are learning discrete information in each academic discipline.