ELL Program

The ELL (English Language Learners) program is a sequential program of courses to teach students the English language. This includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students use literature at grade-appropriate levels to learn English along with direct instruction in grammar and the structure of language. The objective of the ELL program is to provide English language learners with instruction and support that will enable them to be successful in mainstream English and content classes.

Upper School international students take a test to determine their beginning placement in ELL I, II, III, IV, or mainstream English, and then they usually advance one level per year. Students in ELL English classes take mainstream math and elective classes. They may take either mainstream or sheltered history and science classes depending on their skill level and teacher recommendations. Students satisfy the English graduation requirement by completing four years of English including ELL IV or English 12. ELL students are also required to complete a course in communications (during their ELL III or ELL IV year) in order to graduate.

Middle School international students also take a placement test to determine their English proficiency. However, they take mainstream English, history, science, math, and elective classes. In addition, they may take either another language or English tutoring classes depending on their English level. ELL support is provided by in-class supports and tutorial supports as needed.

Photo of Dana Katz

Dana Katz

ELL Department Coordinator; ELL Teacher; Community Service Coordinator

B.A., Smith College
M.A., San Francisco State University

Dana Katz joined MacDuffie in 2018 as an ELL teacher and Department Coordinator.  Ms. Katz was most recently at Darrow School in New York.  She has already had a career that spans the globe, from placements in private industry and the college setting to teaching English in Japan and Israel.…

Photo of Teresa Kwapisz

Teresa Kwapisz

ELL Teacher; Residential Assistant

B.A., University of Michigan

Teresa Kwapisz joins the staff as a first-year Residential Assistant and an English Teacher after previously working in language schools in Texas and Puerto Rico. She holds a B.A. in Spanish & Translation from the University of Michigan along with currently working on her Master’s in Education. Outside of work, Teresa enjoys sports, hiking with her dog, reading, speaking other languages, and traveling.…