World Languages

The study of languages promotes communication with people of other cultures, fuller participation in the global community, and preparation to play an active role in a global economy.

Through its course offerings, the World Languages Department seeks to develop in students a degree of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in French, and Spanish.  Latin instruction focuses on reading, translation, vocabulary building, and the principles of linguistic structure.  The culture of the language is presented as an integral part of language instruction as well.

In an effort to address different learning styles, the Department promotes a multisensory approach and teaching methods appropriate for the students’ developmental stage. The principle of spiraling is applied to various aspects of the curriculum: knowledge and skills from one stage are recycled in increasingly sophisticated ways. Students are assisted in their progress through continuous feedback and the opportunity to practice.  The systematic inclusion of study and organizational skills fosters a daily routine that is integral to the cumulative effect of language learning.

Each student who graduates from MacDuffie must have successfully completed at least two consecutive years of study in one language while enrolled in the Upper School.

Photo of Camilo Fiore

Camilo Fiore

Spanish Teacher

B.A., The George Washington University

Camilo Fiore originally hails from Colombia, but grew up on Long Island, NY. He is currently working towards his M.A. in Spanish Literature at Middlebury College. He has three years of experience teaching Spanish at a co-ed religious boarding school in Hagerstown, MD and is excited to continue that work here at MacDuffie.…

Photo of Kevin Hillman

Kevin Hillman

Language Department Chair; French Teacher; Homestay Coordinator; Cross Country Coach

B.A., University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Diplôme, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie

Kevin Hillman’s life always seems to throw something new and exciting at him, and one of his greatest joys as a teacher is seeing students embrace their own experiences in life. Growing up in a rural setting helped foster Kevin’s interest in nature—gardening specifically—and his travels abroad gave him a better sense of the world.…

Photo of Teresa Kwapisz

Teresa Kwapisz

ELL Teacher; Residential Assistant

B.A., University of Michigan

Teresa Kwapisz joins the staff as a first-year Residential Assistant and an English Teacher after previously working in language schools in Texas and Puerto Rico. She holds a B.A. in Spanish & Translation from the University of Michigan along with currently working on her Master’s in Education. Outside of work, Teresa enjoys sports, hiking with her dog, reading, speaking other languages, and traveling.…

Photo of Daniel Taravella

Daniel Taravella

Latin Teacher; History Teacher

B.A., Allegheny College
M.A., University of Chicago

Daniel Taravella enjoys teaching the Classics at MacDuffie with both the History and World Language departments. On the Latin side, his current professional interests are the history and archaeology of early Rome (especially Roman historical myths), Roman social history, Roman imperialism, and the art and literature of the Augustan Age. …