All Star Players

The following will be a listing of all Athletes who have been selected for their sport’s all star team

2016-17     Isabel Alvarez (New England Junior Soccer)
2016-17     Emilee Auclair (New England Junior Soccer)
2016-17     Noah Nunes  (New England Senior Soccer)
2016-17     Emilee Auclair  (Western New England Soccer)
2016-17     Aniia Ludkiewicz  (Western New England Soccer)
2016-17     Ala Legowski  (Western New England Soccer)
2016-17     Noah Nunes  (Western New England Soccer)
2016-17     Devon Huard  (Western New England Soccer)
2016-17      Jocelyn St.Onge  (New England Volleyball)
2016-17      Ashley Stebbins  (New England Volleyball)
2016-17      Sarah Scott  (New England Volleyball)
2016-17     Kacey Deecher (New England Volleyball)


2015-16     Florence Tshimanga (New England Basketball)
2015-16     Jordan Bailey (Western New England Soccer)
2015-16     Cassidy Bailey (Western New England Soccer)
2015-16     Ania Ludkiewicz (Western New England Soccer)
2015-16     Aniis Anderson  (New England Volleyball)
2015-16     Kacey Deecher (New England Volleyball)

2014-15     Anqi Hu (New England Lacrosse)
2014-15     Faith Lawless (New England Lacrosse)