The competitive Badminton team at the MacDuffie School began as an after school club, run by a small group of very interested players. In 2012 a coach was hired and the team became a popular athletic team option for the spring season. This large team of mostly international students train throughout the spring and have the opportunity to participate as part of the Massachusetts High School Badminton League (MHSBL) tournament.

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Team Day Date  Time Opponent Location Results/Notes
COED Saturday 3/3/18  9:30 AM Yonex Tournament  Away @ Boston Badminton Club, Westboro MA
COED Wednesday 4/11/18 3:00 PM Marianapolis Away W    @ Boston Badminton Club, Westboro MA
COED Wednesday 4/25/18 3:30 PM Winchendon Home W  5-2
COED Saturday 5/5/18 1:00 PM Winchendon Away
COED Saturday 5/9/18 3:00 PM Marianapolis Home
COED Wednesday 5/16/18 1:30 PM NE Championships Away @ Boston Badminton Club, Westboro MA