Boys’ 3rds Basketball

The Boys’ 3rds Basketball program is comprised of primarily middle school and freshmen players.  Learning the fundamentals of the game preparing for competition at the high school level, and having fun is the ultimate goal of the boys 3rds program.  With fewer games, the boys will have the opportunity for more practice time to improve and prepare for competition at the next level all while creating friendships and learning opportunities through the sport of basketball.

Date Time Opponent Location
1/10/18 6:00 PM ASD Home
1/13/18 2:30 PM WMA Away
1/17/18 2:30 PM Marianapolis Home
1/19/18 6:00 PM Masters Home
1/20/18 2:00 PM Wiliston Away
1/24/18 3:30 PM St. Thomas More Away
1/27/18 12:00 PM Eaglebrook (3rds) Home
1/29/18 4:30 PM Eagle Hill Away
1/31/18 6:00 PM ASD Home
2/6/18 4:30 PM Masters Away
2/7/18 3:30 PM Bement Home
2/9/18 4:00 PM St. Thomas More Home
2/14/18 4:00 PM Convenant Prep Away
2/17/18 2:00 PM Wiliston Home
2/24/18 2:00 PM Eaglebrook School (3rds) Away