What is Naviance?

Naviance is a web-based college exploration tool. It provides a number of resources in one place, including, but not limited to:

  • College and major search options that can be tailored to your specifications (location, size, etc.), including links to college websites and information about admissions requirements and deadlines
  • Building a list of schools you may be interested in
  • Scattergrams that show how you compare to other MacDuffie students, in terms of GPA and SAT/ACT scores, who have applied to colleges you are interested in
  • Resume Builder – students can start keeping track of their activities in one place

During senior year, Naviance is used by each student to list the colleges and universities they are applying to.

The College Counselor also uses Naviance to send transcripts and letters of recommendation to each college or university that a MacDuffie student applies to.

How do I log on to Naviance?

Naviance can be accessed by visiting this website: